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Dear Mandy, Kay and the entire Shorashim team,

After five years of celebrating our annual Purim festival with you, we would like to thank you for your dedicated service, infinite flexibility and especially your smile.

See you next Purim!


Bat-El Amaryo

Human resource department

Redwood International

April 11th, 2013

To the Shorashim team,

That’s it. It’s all over. Present becomes past, the lights suddenly go out, and the experience turns into an amazing story. This is the moment I would like to thank you.

For the warm, personal attention… The ability to make a dream come true…

The care and endless giving… I can’t find words to express what I feel.

And to you, Shir, a huge thank you for your warm, kind heart that has really captured me. For the dedication and care in servicing us.

I love, appreciate and admire you.

Hanita Levi

January 10th, 2013

We were married in Shorashim about 1 month ago. The celebration was charming and our service representatives (Kay and Lital) were great and very helpful. The event hall is very cute and home-like, and as many as 500 guests can easily fit in. We liked the clean design and recent renovation. The food was excellent (with many positive feedbacks from guests), the design beautiful (thank you, Assaf) and all service providers very professional (we hired Gad Gadot as our DJ from Choice and photographers from Up Studio). Everything was really good.

Mila and Victor

August 23rd, 2012

To the Shorashim team,

Thank you for a perfect evening on our wedding day: November 10th, 2011.

Thank you for your collaboration, Assaf’s amazing design, the upgrades and treats, the excellent food and courteous service, and for organizing and producing the entire evening. A huge thank you to those who organized the event so professionally, patiently and calmly – providing us with peace of mind to enjoy the event.

Special thanks to Mandy, Toby, Raffy, Shahar and Moran for your professionalism and care.

Yakky and Inbal Weissman

November 10th, 2011

Well, we found Shorashim by accident, on our way to see other event halls. My parents live nearby, so we popped in without setting an appointment. In spite of that, Lital greeted us very nicely. We liked the event hall but were on our way to see other places. After an extended search for a place that would meet our criteria (nice, clean event hall, good food, not too crowded) we decided to go back and see Shorashim again. Lucky for us, it was being renovated, so every week there was something else new. We liked the place, atmosphere and people and made the decision with no hesitation! On the day of the event, the hall was beyond our expectations. Several days before the wedding it was still being upgraded, and so we were in for a wonderful surprise when walking inside!!! The hall was more beautiful than we had expected, and for that I want to thank the one and only: the great Toby who supported us all along with all our requests. And of course, I will never forget Lital and Shahar: I called them for every little think, and they helped with all their heart!

Thank you everyone. We had a stunning event!!!

Hilla and Lan

September 1st, 2011

I live nearby so I had heard about the Shorashim event venue. When I called and asked if the place was suitable for a small wedding, the answer was yes. The hall was seriously renovated and is actually suitable for up to 500 guests, and the area for welcoming them when arriving is large and beautiful. The quote I was given was pretty good – for March, on a Thursday, and for 150 guests. Mandy the sales person was really nice.

June 27th, 2011

Thank you for the event. We wanted to thank your team for an unforgettable event. Many family members commented on our daughter’s great henna celebration!

Lizzy Gilboa

Bar mitzvah in Shorashim: since our son, Maor, was 11, he would keep nagging us about a bar mitzvah at an event hall. For the last year or so it was even worse, as he was going to his friends’ bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah celebrations, and the day after every such event he would describe to us how his own bar mitzvah would be at an event hall. He’s a very talented boy and loves to sing and dance, and it was clear to him he would celebrate at an event hall. After a short search for event halls in Central Israel, we couldn’t find a place that would satisfy Maor. But then a friend recommended Shorashim. Toby the owner provided us with excellent service, and so did all the other team members. Therefore Maor and I would like to thank you for the service, food and personal attention. Thank you!

Rinat Cohen

Baby shower in Shorashim: we celebrated our grandson’s circumcision at the Shorashim event hall. The food was high quality, and we loved the place and its design.


Finally we found an event hall. For months we had been looking for an event hall in Central Israel for our twins’ bar mitzvah. The moment we saw Shorashim, we knew it was the place for us. We liked the look of the event hall and were also provided with warm service from the very first appointment. The event was very successful, and our sons were very excited and enjoyed themselves.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Simka and Gabi

Great event hall! We were at a friends’ wedding in Shorashim before last Purim and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at the event hall.

Excellent event hall! After lots of searching for a place that combines a garden and hall in Central Israel (and after almost closing a deal somewhere else…) we found Shorashim based on the recommendation of friends who had been there for a wedding. We were very happy with the service and courteous attention all along, and we definitely recommend Shorashim as a place combining a garden and hall. There are not many places like that in Central Israel.

Edgar and Sara

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